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2018 Chicago MAKERIE


The Chicago Makerie, the first one of its kind in this vibrant, beautiful city. You will have the chance to take part in intimate workshops taught by extraordinary, renowned artists and creatives, nourish your well-being with special self-care sessions, enjoy healthy delicious meals, and build friendships and community with other creatives. We also build space within this experience, allowing you to take the time to slow down your pace and thoughtfully absorb the creative energy, the abundant inspiration, and the beautiful people you’ll be surrounded by.

Our retreat schedule nurtures the art of play, creative growth and self-care. You can choose four, three-hour workshops (with the exception of Improv Wholecloth Hand Quilting which is offered as an all day class). Workshop topics are diverse and unique, intentionally designed with the home environment in mind. Whether it’s learning the meditative art of hand quilting to create a cozy blanket for your comfiest chair, or making a gorgeous wooden spatula that you’ll use in your kitchen everyday, or designing and styling a beautiful dining table for your family and friends, or even sitting down with your calligraphy pen to write a hand written note to someone you love, we adore the thought of a weekend celebrating and honoring a creative home. 

Our inspirational and self-care sessions are designed to inspire and nourish your spirit. We’re honored to have the marvelous Marlee Grace join us in leading two improvisational dance sessions to open up your heart and mind, as well as share her brave and beautiful creative story with us. Recently featured in the New York Times, Marlee is the one behind the Instagram account Personal Practice, a short-video celebration and documentation of her daily movement practice. She’s also the author of a new self-published book about her project, A Sacred Shift and used to have an inspiring Podcast called Have Company

Have you ever tried ‘Hand Yoga’? We are so excited to offer this special session led by one of our teachers Heidi Parkes, a certified yoga instructor. This type of yoga can be one in ordinary clothes and without a mat. We’ll focus on heart opening (aka: unhunching) and hand care for makers. What a perfect practice for any crafter! 

And finally, the Kehoe Design team is world renown for event design. They are creative experts in transforming ordinary spaces into magical environments. We are thrilled to have them lead an inspirational session that will translate some of their special techniques into the home setting.  

You’ll come away from this retreat with not only a wide variety of new creative skills and techniques, but with fresh inspiration, new ideas and beautiful friendships. We have learned that the effects of an experience like this last far beyond the retreat itself and we warmly invite you to give yourself the precious gift of an unforgettable weekend of creativity, play, self-care, learning, growth and open hearts. Creativity does so much wonder for the soul. We’d be honored for you to join us in Chicago!