MINI MAKERIE with heidi parkes
material list



cotton batting
safety pins
needle puller
milliners needles
two embroidery hoops
a needle pack
binding clips
straight pins
tracing paper
handmade pin cushions
a heavy 5lb book to create tension while quilting
a handmade zine by Heidi


to bring

fabric for your quilt backing
{any solid piece of fabric 30x30,” 36x36,” or 42x42”. Or, try to make the biggest square you can from the width that the fabric is sold in on the bolt.  If you're interested in something larger, there is a maximum size of 5x5', but please keep in mind that with larger sizes, you may not be able to finish hand quilting in class, & your applique/embroidery, & piecing may appear more minimal than on a smaller quilt}

fabric for your quilt front
{some students may want to start with a piece of fabric big enough for a wholecloth quilt, & just applique and embroider on it; others will be fine bringing smaller pieces of fabric & sewing them together; any color combination or variety that attracts you, & fits in your suitcase is fine & have fun making these choices!; when in doubt, a few shades of any color will make a beautiful monochromatic quilt}

fabric for binding your quilt
{1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric will be needed & this step may be completed after the workshop when your quilt is done}

{cotton pearl size 8, or crochet thread size 10; *note that the crochet thread is slightly thicker, making it more visible, but also slightly harder to thread and pull through the quilt; Valdini is a nice choice, but costly & Craftsy sometimes has a nice deal; DMC is Heidi's favorite online resource & the one she uses most often; Aunt Lydia's is a good brad for crochet thread}}

a pushing thimble
{that fits your dominant ring finger; Heidi’s favorite is the Clover protect and grip thimble}

notepad & pen


*please email Heidi directly with questions about materials