MINI MAKERIE with heidi parkes
material list



four spools of thread
stretch & woven fabric
safety pins
needle puller
milliners needles
two embroidery hoops
straight pins
tracing paper
handmade fiber bowls
Heidi’s mending zine


to bring

A thimble that fits your ring finger (and/or middle finger) I like the Clover Protect and Grip

Clothes & Home Goods to mend! Bring yours and those of friends and family. Stretch, denim, knits, and woven will be covered in class. Bring the item that looks beyond repair. Bring quilts, rugs, and coats too. If you’re unsure about bringing something, email Heidi directly with a photo.

*Optional: Bring an item to ‘hack.’ Some garments are soooo close to being loved, but just aren’t right. This isn’t a class on ‘tailoring,’ but we can play with some items that would otherwise be given away. Examples: thickening and item with an extra layer of fabric and quilting it to improve the drape. Changing a cardigan to a sweater, or vice versa. Changing a neckline. Adding pockets to anything. Making a crop top from a sweater, with a finished edge. Swants? (making pants from a sweater) Email Heidi if you’re unsure about a hack, or to check if it requires any extra materials.

*Optional: While we will provide some fabric, you may need to bring additional fabric for patches, or unique repairs, especially if you want a particular color or fabric type for the mend.  If you own something you think would work, bring it, if you’re headed to the store, email Heidi first.

*Optional: If you have them, bring some of your favorite sewing notions and thread.

notepad & pen

makerie dots.png

 Optional Pre-Retreat Study:


Beginners by Mike Mills
Pollock with Ed Harris
The True Cost documentary


Hold Still by Sally Mann
Anything Written by Brene Brown
(Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection are my personal favorites)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera 
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Free Online

The School of Life: Wabi Sabi
PBS Art 21, Andrea Zittel in Consumption
The Un-private Collection : Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Bradford & Katy Siegel

*please email Heidi directly with questions about materials