Annie coggan’s
’can A stitch become a room?’
workshop details




Annie Coggan will begin the morning discussing the origins of her interior practice and how the practice now maintains a robust textile practice. She will put forward her theory of Room Making in interiors and map out how the group will create our own textile dining room for a community lunch this weekend.

Textiles are an ancient communal endeavor. Our first textile project will be a group project, crafting the dining cloth for our textile dining space. Annie will teach a series of stitching techniques that can be expanded, layered and embellished to create our own extreme embroidery language. As everyone works on one cloth, the final result documents new friendships, new ideas and a new paths forward through stitching and textile exploration. We will end the morning work session with a lovely local lunch.

The first act of creating a meal is procuring food. What a better way to gather your goods than a to stitch a market bag. We will use the smocking stitch and other embroidery techniques that Annie introduced in the morning to shape and individualize a market bag pattern so we are ready for a stylish trip to the farmers market.

We will begin our day with a field trip to the fabulous and renown Boulder Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday morning in New York, Annie hits the streets for the week’s provisions and not only chooses her items with meals in mind, but also looks for certain colors, textures and designs to compliment her tablescape for the week. This morning we will go together to explore and prepare for Sunday’s lunch with this vision, guided by Annie and her artistic eye. We will search for amazing tastes, smells and visuals to create a beautiful textile meal.

Upon our return, Annie will lecture on the history of the Dining Room in Interior Design and lead a discussion on how textiles can transform the nature of dining. As a compliment to this conversation, we will begin practicing ‘Extreme Embroidery’, a language of stitching that Annie has developed in her textile practice. She will guide the class through these various stitches as well as promote how people can manifest and create their own stitching language. A delicious lunch will follow.

We will continue working on our set of napkins into the afternoon, putting them to use at our special meal on Sunday.

You’re invited to join the optional group dinner at a favorite local restaurant.



Fresh flowers truly make a meal feel special. This morning we will experiment with a series of textile vase patterns and shapes Annie’s studio is developing. We will stitch the vases together, see how they look and react to various types of flowers and greens, and see how we can embellish them or explore a simplistic, minimal design.

Following our textile vase making, it will be time to set the table in collaboration as a community. Beginning with our hand stitched community table cloth, accompanied by our extreme embroidery napkins, enhanced by our fresh farmer’s market picks, and thoughtfully accented with our textile flower vases, this meal will be a special one to remember. We will have the opportunity to photograph our setting and will enjoy an indoor fall picnic lunch, eaten at the table that everyone has designed together.


As a final farewell, we will divide the communal tablecloth into individual tea towels, discuss finishing ideas, and leave everyone with a treasured piece of the weekend. We will end our time together with student sharing and farewells.

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Annie Coggan is a designer, educator and principal at Coggan + Crawford Architecture + Design. She is an Associate Professor at Pratt Institute and on the faculty at School of Visual Arts (SVA). Her textile practice
focuses on experimental textiles and idactic Decorative Objects. This year she was awarded a 2018-2019 Winterthur Museum Creator/Maker Fellowship, as well as being award a Cotton Sustainability Scholar position from Cotton Inc.  She received her B.A. from Bennington College in Vermont
and her MArch from SCI-Arc in Los Angeles

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