Domino wallpaper with nottene



Make your own wallpaper in this three hour workshop where we will explore block printing for domino papers, one of the earliest forms of modern day wallpaper in which designs are etched or carved onto a block and printed on individuals sheets instead of the long rolls we are familiar with today. We'll introduce block printing techniques for pattern as well as how to use your printed sheets on an array of potential projects aside from just walls. We'll start by talking a bit about the history of wallpaper, our own studio work and how we found ourselves making wallpaper. We'll also spend some time learning about how to create a repeating pattern from your own drawings (and we'll have some of our drawings ready for you to trace and work with). Then we will carve our blocks and make some prints. Finally, we will talk about ways to use your prints so you can not only paper a wall, but also cover objects, make journals, banners, and all kinds of decorations.

makerie dots.png


Our studio is called Nottene, pronounced [nuh-ten-uh]. We are a print and pattern design studio and we produce our own collection of hand-drawn and screen printed wallpaper. Our studio work comes from a practice of storytelling through drawing, and our collections exemplify our interest in finding patterns in the small details of everyday life. We like to push the boundaries of what is possible in printing to see how much of the details and pleasant imperfections can be brought out during the creation of the printing process. The combination of careful research, hand-drawn patterns, and textured brush strokes results in a wallpaper that brings a sense of intimacy to a space.  With an MA in textiles from Central St. Martins, illustrator Kimberly Ellen Hall has drawn or designed for Coach, the Denver Art Museum, Hussein Chalayan, and Anthropologie, among others. Co-founder Justin Hardison’s background in client relations, project management and sound design is a perfect complement.  Together, they create custom illustration and textile work out of their studio in Philadelphia.