DRESS YOUR TABLE with kehoe designs



Personal expression is a special part of entertaining. When we invite people into our home, they get a sense of who were are and what we're about by the way they feel and the elements that surround them. In this workshop, students will learn how to design unique centerpieces for their own home centered around personal interests, cherished mementos and collectibles through living floral materials. Centerpieces and table focal points are more than just flowers, they are a personal expression and special peek into what inspires and ignites you. Students will be guided through a design process that will not only help build their floral design skills, but will spark their imagination in brand new ways. 

The Kehoe Design team is world renown for the brilliant way they transform ordinary spaces into magical environments. How special it is for students to get an inside peek into how they make their magic, but translated for the home environment. 

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I have over 30 years of event design experience. I have designed some of the largest and best events across the country. I studied architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Illinois and studied design at the Royal Melbourne institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia. My love of horticulture and my love of architecture has molded my design philosophy. I love the blending of hard structural materials with soft living materials. Opposing textures,colors, shapes and forms are brought together in harmony in my designs.