welcome to our community blog / by ali dejohn

Welcome to this space! A place for us to be a community all year round, not just during the retreat experiences. During one of my many magical conversations with the extraordinary Elsa Mora {who taught at the 2016 Sweet Paul Makerie}, I was sharing how I wanted to find ways to keep this tremendous Makerie community connected throughout the year, as so many special relationships are created during the retreats and it feels important to find ways to keep that going. So here we are, thanks to Elsa's beautiful idea for creating a Makerie Community Blog!

This space will be a shared one and a platform for our community to submit posts about anything related to the Makerie. It could be about being part of the experience as a participant or teacher, or how someone was inspired to start a new business as a result of attending the Makerie, or how it felt to volunteer, or to be one of our wonderful partners, or even how it might have changed you as a person through nurturing your creative gifts. This platform is for our community to celebrate creativity in whatever form that takes and we can't wait to hear your stories. We will not have a set schedule for these posts, but rather share them as they come along. Stay tuned for some beautiful musings from our team, participants, teachers, volunteers, partners, etc. who have been touched by this Makerie experience we're all creating together.